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Today in this article we will break all the bones of High DA Social Bookmarking Techniques, Social Bookmarking High DA Sites, and so on. In order to rank your website, you need to go through beyond the stone. So we recommend you to read this complete article before going live with your new blog. Seo experts and Seo companies exactly follow the same techniques but they progress gradually. We also gonna discuss step by step tutorial on “How to get backlinks from high authority Social Bookmarking Sites”

Social Bookmarking Off-Page SEO

Domain NameDA

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to get backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites – Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Let be the site where we will build backlink be folkd.com

    Visit Folkd.com how to build backlink on social bookmarkig sites

  2. Click on Register For Free

    To build backlink you have to register yourself step 2 - social bookmarkimg sites

  3. After Click on Register button you need to verify your Email Adress

    Don’t forget to replace your email address with the demo username and email address. After successful registration hit the login button!step 3 - social booomarking login

  4. Now in order to build the link click on the “Add a Link”

    As soon as you click on “Add a Link” a new page appears in front of you.
    Here in that input box, you have to insert your website URL and hit the submit button!
    how to build free backlink on social bookmarking sites

  5. By default “Save as Webpage” radio button is checked so let it be

    Now after you hit the submit button a new window appears as you can see below image!free backlink creation on social bookmarking sites

  6. By default Title and description will be fetched from your website.

    If it is not done manually you can insert the Title, Description. Also select tags for the submission from the green suggested tags.

    Let the privacy pe as default “Public”

    Verify the captcha

    And hit the “Save Item” and you are done Hurrah!

Some the Q&A we will discuss regarding Social Bookmarking to clear our sense!

  1. Why we need Social Bookmarking Sites?
  2. What is the advantage of creating a backlink on Social Bookmarking Sites?
  3. What is a backlink?
  4. What is HIGH DA mean?
  5. What are the factors we need to have in our mind while submitting our sites to Social Bookmarking sites?
  6. What is the difference between PR and DA Social Bookmarking Sites?
Why we need Social Bookmarking Sites?

In the SEO world, we need to go through various tactics to rank high in the top 10 results in SERP. So social bookmarking is just 1% of all those techniques. We submit our website to social bookmarking sites for example – Digg. Now if we submit our website to other others it is called an inbound link.

Inbound Link – Links which points to our website from other websites
Outbound Link – Links which points to other websites from our website

Both inbound and outbound links are necessary for On-Page and Off-Page SEO

What are the advantages of creating links on Social Bookmarking Sites?

There are numerous benefits of creating backlinks on social bookmarking sites. First of all, it will create link juice with our website. We will get inbound links. And moreover, we will get authority backlink only if we will create backlinks on HIGH DA Social Bookmarking Sites or Profile Creation Sites

What is a backlink?

Backlink is nothing but a href link which establish a relation between two websites using HREF TAG

Now what is High DA Sites!

High DA website are those who has DA > 30 – The term DA is termed my MOZ.COM. Previously we use to detect the authority or power of website through the Google Page Rank but now we detect through DA of MOZ.

What are the factors we need to have in our mind while submitting our sites to Social Bookmarking sites?

Some of the factors we need keep in our mind are – Sites should be older than 6 months old, Sites must have DA more than 30, Sites should not have spammy links. Also site should be relevant to our site content

What is the difference between PR and DA Social Bookmarking Sites?

There is a basic difference between both of them (DA & PR) –

DA Social Bookmarking Sites indicates the Sites with Domain Authority

PR Social Bookmarking Sites indicates the Sites with Page Rank

DA (Domain Authority) is defined by Moz.com whereas PR (Page Rank) by Google

Whatever you check whether DA or PR but the important step is to build only DoFollow Links

Conclusion – Some years ago PR was used but now DA is mostly used!

Conclusion – You need to look at each factor to rank on SERP. Till then create Social Website Linking to your website to others. You need Seo Khazana for all the HIGH DA Links. This Social Bookmarking technique is very effective!

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